Chiropractic Table Manufacturers

Please click on any of the table manufacturers, highlighted in red, for product information.

ABCO Health Care Pty Ltd.

AGA-THERA Therapy Tables

American Back Solutions

AMI Inc. AquaMassage

AquaMed Dry Hydrotherapy

Armedica Treatment Tables

Astra-Lite Inc Portable Tables

Athlegen Access-Apollo Tables

Atlas Clinical Reflex Generation Tables

Azima Bodyworks

Axiom Worldwide DRX9000

Back Boost

Bailey Manufacturing Co

Barnes Therapeutic Systems, Inc

Canine Chiropractic Table

ChiroPhysics By Dr. Wallace King - Spinal Bi-Lateral Parallel Traction Table

ChiroTec Inc.

Chattanooga Group

Choate Chiropractic Tables

Clement Technologies- Remanufactured McManis Tables

C-Medi Co.- Spinalight Tables

Cox Table Dist. Ent. LLC

Creative Junior Pediatric Tables

Custom Craftworks

Custom Chiropractic Equipment- Turbo111 Table

Disc-Ease, The P-SRT (Spinal Rejuvenation Table)

Durabuilt Tables - Dura Comfort

Dynasty Chiropractic Tables-
Esprit-Lesarn Activator

Dynatronics Corp. (Al Rice and Associates)

Earthlite Apex Chiropractic Tables

Elite Chiropractic Tables

Eurotech Tables and MFG. (Elite Electromedical ATX Table)

F.& B. Chiropractic Inc.

Galaxy Table Manufacturing

Hammes Kids Chiropractic Table

Hausmann Industries Inc.

HCMI Inc. - The Legend table

Helmsley Electronic 3 Section
HEC 1050 Chiropractic Table by Beautelle

Hessco Equipment Sales (Scrip)

Hill Laboratories Company

HWK Physiotherapy Tables

Inspiration Pediatric Tables

KOR Innovations

Kosim Chiropractic Tables

Kyro Manufacturing Tables-

Leander Health Tech. Inc.

LeverTec Therapy Equip.

Lifetimer International

Lloyd Table Company- McManis-Astro-Cosmic

Lojer Oy All-In-One Chirotable -

LumbarROM - LR45 - VBR Inc.

Metron Medical Australia

Narson Table Co. - Portable

NuChoice Medical Inc.

Omni Manufacturing

ORUP Chiropractic Tables

Pettibon System Inc.

Posture Correction Tools, Inc. - PCT-XPRO Table

Phillips Chiropractic (Titan) Tables

Richelieu Chiropractic Equip. - Gonstead Tables

Sidmar Hydrotherapy Tables

Softec - Tri W-g Tables

SpineMed - CERT Health Sciences-Decompression Table

Spinal Decompression Therapy - ABS Table

Spinetronics LLC - Antalgic-Trak

Stacy-Built Backsaver MTS-3


Techniques Chiropractic Tables

TheraMax Canada

The Saunders Group Inc.

Thomas Chiropractic Tables

Thuli Tables Inc.

Tony's (In-Line) Portable Tables

Upper Cervical Store for NUCCA Chiropractors

VAX-D Therapy Equipment

Verteflex Table

Williams Healthcare Systems-Zenith Thompson Tables

Winco Chiropractic Tables